Cost Estimating

Prior to the construction phase of any project, the experienced team of Quantity Surveyors at Hanham & Philp are able to provide budget advice for proposed contracts or costing options on any aspect of the building to ensure that costs are within the Client's budget.

This is a valuable tool for the Client to assist in determining funding requirements or calculating rental returns. In most cases there is no fee for this service should the project not proceed.

This service is only a phone call away and the professionalism of this team will ensure every effort is made to provide prompt and clear answers to your questions. A written budget price can be provided fully detailing the scope of what has been allowed for in terminology that is not full of unwanted jargon.

This area of expertise is enhanced by the latest computer software estimating programme which provides the ability to "fast track" budget and costing options tailored to the Clients needs. Detailed cash flows can also be provided to the Client to assist in the procuring of funding and the forecasting of drawdowns throughout a projects life cycle.