Health and Safety

In an industry that is well versed in the dangers of complacency, we take enormous pride in our safety record. We have well documented safety manuals and procedures in place that ensure the full focus of all staff and other persons onsite to any potential hazards. To back up this commitment our Company has appointed a Health & Safety Officer and elected to voluntarily participate in the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Audit completed by an independent ACC appointed auditor. Our workplace has been assessed as conforming to the highest Tertiary Standard.

A Site Specific Safety Plan that was developed in house is specifically tailored to each site's operations. It encompasses all aspects of site safety together with hazard detection and control and ongoing monitoring procedures plus task analysis for specific at risk tasks, all in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

A large number of our staff including all senior employees have attained their National Certificate in Construction Health and Safety and Injury Prevention. This is a NZQA registered course consisting of twenty-one units.

Our staff have attended the Site Safe course appropriate to their role and all staff exposed to height work have attained Unit 15757, "Employ Fall Arrest Systems On Building And Construction Sites". We have developed in house a Tool Training Manual that steps through the theory of safe tool operation and the practical use of key industry tools. In addition Warden Training is provided to Site managers to assist in the event of a site emergency procedure.