Staff are without a doubt Hanham & Philp's greatest resource. The combined experience and loyalty of the large team of specialised staff including tradespeople, apprentices, labourers, site managers, construction manager, quantity surveyors and office administration have all worked together on a huge variety of jobs and embrace each project with pride and enthusiasm. Hanham & Philp is extremely proud of its staff and their commitment to excellence is a measure of the success of the Company.


Many of the subcontractors have been part of the team since Hanham & Philp was founded and all are leaders in their respective areas of expertise. The Company continually monitors their quality and performance to ensure compliance with its own high standards.


Hanham & Philp purchase only from reputable suppliers with proven quality and reliability. Long term established relationships with these organisations ensure a respect and a purchasing power, which provide cost efficiencies that are of direct benefit to the Company's Clients.

Quality Control

Our Company has designed and implemented an Operations & Quality Control Manual which is a comprehensive resource for the Site Managers ensuring strict compliance to the company initiated controls that we wish to adhere to. One of the Company's Directors is also the Construction Manager. In this role he is visiting all sites on a regular basis, attending site meetings and providing instant backup and support to the Site Manager. This provides assurance to the Client that quality is monitored in a very hands on manner.